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The artist Chu Yun
Born 1977, Jiangxi, China.
Lives and works in Shenzhen, China.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Venice Biennale, Performance Art,

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I am always seeking something in the life which is not definite feelings – pain, happiness, sadness or memory, which these banal feeling exist in everyday life. I don’t care these definite emotion (immense pain, happiness, sadness and wrath) which could produce the ideal or will.

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Chu Yun
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Chu Yun
Love, A project created for Siemens Art Program-What are they doing here

Chu Yun
It is difficult to separate my works from the external environment. It is not a question of specific events or questions; rather, it has to do with how disparate external environments can elicit different emotional responses from us. To me, artistic creation is aimed at understanding these physical responses and adjustments. This is the sole relationship between us and the external world…

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