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The artist Cindy Sherman
Born Jan 19 1954, Glen Ridge New Yersey, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Hasselblad Award, Neo-Conceptualism, Postmodernism, The Larry Aldrich Award, Der Kaiserring, Wolfgang Hahn Prize, Roswitha Haftmann Prize,

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Born Cynthia Morris Sherman, Cindy is an American conceptual artist, photographer, film director, and a writer.  Apart from being famous for asking the all-important questions about women in the society, her photographs were some of the most expensive ones ever sold.

Cindy Sherman was born on January 19, 1954 in New Jersey. She became interested in visual arts when she attended the Buffalo State College. She tried painting but became frustrated with the limitations of its medium. She decided to take up photography instead.1

Her early works as a photographer were the ‘Bus Riders’ series, which she did in 1976. This series contains photographs of people in their meticulously observed characters. She shot another one along with that and called it the ‘Murder Mystery People’ series. However, that collection was not published until 2000.

Untitled Film Still by Cindy Sherman

Art Style

To produce the series of photographs that she was known for, Sherman wore a range of costumes and then took pictures of herself alone in her studio. She assumed different roles in her works – that of the author, make-up artist, director, wardrobe mistress, hairstylist, and model. Her creativity in photography made her a deserving recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, a prestigious award also known as the Genius Award. They awarded her with a grant amounting to $500,000 distributed in a span of five years with no strings attached. This award is given only to the most important scholars of a certain field to encourage them to continue with their creative works.

Untitled Film Still No. 23 by Cindy Sherman

Major Artworks

Cindy Sherman has created different series that made her famous in the fields of photography and conceptual art. Aside from the ‘Bus Riders’ and the ‘Murder Mystery People’ series, she also shot a 69-photograph series that she called the ‘Complete Untitled Film Stills’. It was compiled from 1977 to 1980 and it is the collection that gave her international recognition. The series is composed black and white photos that fall under six distinct groups such as the grainy and out-of-focus shots, the family beach house shots, the outdoor city shots, the home shots, the road trip shots, and the New York City shots.

After the huge success of that photograph series, she did ‘Rear Screen Projections’ (1980), ‘Centerfolds’ (1981), ‘Fairy Tales’ (1985), ‘Disasters’ (1986), ‘History Portraits’ (1989), ‘Sex Pictures’ (1992), ‘Clowns’ (2003), and ‘Society Portraits’ (2008).2

Untitled Film Still No. 34 by Cindy Sherman

Interviews and Statements

On the context of being the subject of several of her own photography series, Cindy Sherman was quoted in an interview with BOMB magazine in 1985 saying, “While I am working, I might as well feel as tormented as the person I am portraying.” She also stated, “When I work, I get a lot done in such a concentrated time that once I’m through with a series, I’m so drained that I don’t want to get near the camera.”

Untitled Film Still No. 8 by Cindy Sherman




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