Claus Boehmler

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The artist Claus Boehmler
Born 1939, Heilbronn, Germany.
Lives and works in Hamburg, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

Works with radios, TV monitors, video cameras, fax and photocopy machines

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Claus Boehmler

Claus Boehmler
"Wir malen mit dem Rot des Kohls, mit dem Grün des Klees, mit dem Blau des Himmels, mit dem Weiß des Schimmels, mit dem Schwarz der Nacht…

Claus Boehmler
Claus Bohmler works with the media. Since they seem to function so well, he takes them apart, examines them, and then, perhaps, assembles them anew. This process doesnt create chic elements for the living rooms of the communication-theorists, the sociologists, or the simulation-apocalyptic, but rather the same sort of rudimentary raw material as found in notebooks, drawings, miniture cameras, radios, photostats, and cassettes. Its these poor media that open eyes and ears…

Claus Boehmler
We paint with the red of the cabbage, the green of the clover, the blue of the heavens, the white of the mildew, the black of the night, the red of the signals … oblong red, angular yellow, round blue, short yellow, gradated red, pointed scarlet, streaky grey…'

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