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The artist Cory Arcangel
Born 1978, Buffalo, New York, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn,, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Video,

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Cory Arcangel
Super Mario Clouds

Cory Arcangel
Cory Arcangel intervened in the fair’s gallery selection process. Arcangel hid a golden ticket inside one of hundreds of chocolate bars which were sent to all the galleries who were unsuccessful in their application to this year’s fair. Studiò di Giovanna Simonetta was the finder of the golden ticket and was allocated a stand at Frieze Art Fair 2008…

Cory Arcangel interview
Cory Arcangel's work has almost always played on the logic of the joke in its construction: witness his most recent exhibit, "Adult Contemporary" at Team Gallery, which includes work like Self Playing Sony Playstation 1 Bowling (2008), an old bowling game hacked to only throw gutter-balls, and Permanent Vacation (2008 version), two silver iMacs set to email each other and exchange "out of office" messages until they fill up and crash…

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