Dani Jakob

Dani Jakob | the artist

The artist Dani Jakob
Born 1973, Freiburg, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Les sept doigts de la main
The pictures and sculptures of Dani Jakob resemble high-piled stranded goods of islands within the nothingness. These items can be found after floods in rivers or on beaches where uprooted trees with river stones, empty plastic bottles, old shoes and twiners, as well as plastic bags which have been intertwined in roots lay around welded together by destiny…

Dani Jakob
Jakob belongs to a generation of young German artists whose oeuvre has a distinctly lyrical flavor to it and is frequently subsumed under the heading of neo-romanticism.

Dani Jakob
Dani Jakob¬ís artistic approach is pictorial, yet exceeds the traditional conception of the medium. Concretely, she extends two-dimensional silk paintings and collages into three-dimensional installations and sculptures. For this purpose contrasting symbol systems are used as ingredients for an alchemistic medley which generates new meanings…

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