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Daniel Crooks | the artist

The artist Daniel Crooks
Born 1973, Hastings, New Zealand.
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Sydney Biennale, Installation art,

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Daniel Crooks
'Using Melbourne's urban landscape as its subject, Train no.6 is a product of my ongoing TimeSlice research. By using machines to work outside of real time I hope to expose new modes of perception, breaking down the traditional correlation between time and space to imagine new ways of seeing. Precision motion control combined with sophisticated digital processing provides the freedom to explore alternative spatio-temporal representations, isolating and exaggerating the interwoven physical variables that construct perspective and motion. Further blurring the line between discrete and continuous, the monocular nodal perspective of the conventional camera is also disassembled and reconfigured across time to form extended polyocular images.'

Daniel Crooks
With these portraits I’m attempting to make large detailed images of people in their own surroundings, images of people very much in and of their time that are both intriguing and beautiful. As with a lot of my work the portraits also seek to render the experience of time in a more tangible material form, blurring the line between still and moving images and looking to new post-camera models of spatiotemporal representation.

Daniel Crooks
Static no. 11 (running man)

Daniel Crooks
Daniel Crooks’ practice includes photography, digital media and installation. Using a range of techniques including stop-motion animation, time-lapse and precision camera motion control, Crooks breaks down the conventional relationship between time and space…

Daniel Crooks
Crooks’ numerous awards include the 2001 City of Stuttgart Prize for Animation and an Australian Short Film Award at the 1996 Sydney International Film Festival. His work is held in many public, corporate and private collections.

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