Daniel Gordon

Daniel Gordon | the artist

The artist Daniel Gordon
Born 1980, Boston, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Photography, Greater New York,

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Daniel Gordon
I make my pictures alone in my studio, but I view my work as a peculiar collaboration between myself, and what I’ve chosen as my material: Images found on the Internet that I print and construct into a 3-dimensional tableau, that is ultimately photographed. This process presents limitations as well as unexpected direction and it is in this way that I don’t anticipate a pictures meaning or formal qualities before I begin to make it…

Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon’s large color photographs, the subject of a solo exhibition at Zach Feuer Gallery in Chelsea, have several things going for them. They operate in the gap between collage and set-up photography, which is a lively place to be at the moment. They benefit from an impressive if not entirely original way with scissors that involves creating figurative tableaus from cut paper and cut-out images that Mr. Gordon then photographs…

In the photographs of Daniel Gordon, there is a morality play at work that generates an internal dialogue between the two separate axes in which the work functions. On one hand, the work can be interpreted according to material medium: photographs of temporary sculptures pieced together from other photographs, usually found on the Internet…

Daniel Gordon

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