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The artist Daniel Spoerri
Born 1930, , Romania.
Style and technique of the artist: Fluxus, Sculpture Objects, Ready Made Art,

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daniel spoerri
The young Daniel Spoerri was a dancer at the Bern Opera and next worked as a theatrical director, set designer and actor. In 1960 while collecting scrap metal for artist Jean Tinguely he thought of sticking objects that he collected in bulk to a stand that he raised vertically. He thus fixed in time a device that came together by chance. Daniel Spoerri invented Tableaux-Pièges, a table affixed to a wall that immortalizes the act of eating. This piece culminated in the opening, in Düsseldorf, of Restaurant Spoerri in 1968, and the Eat-Art Gallery in 1970, where he invites clients and artists to created edible art. Daniel Spoerri gathers together incongruous objects that he transforms into parodies of idols in order to make a mockery of all artistic values or conventions. Some of his groupings are then made into bronzes that can be found in Tuscany where he opened his own foundation…

daniel spoerri
Daniel Spoerri has worked as a poet and as an author, and in dance, mime and theatre. He is one of the artists who signed the Nouveau Realisme manifesto, and he has been a member of Fluxus. He is the inventor of Eat Art, and he produced the first art multiples with MAT editions. Spoerri is worldwide known for his tableaux pieges.

daniel spoerri
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daniel spoerri
Eaten partly by: Visitors of the Biennale of Sydney’

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