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The artist Darius Miksys
Born 1969, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Lives and works in Vilnius, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sydney Biennale, Venice Biennale, Video, Site specific art,

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Darius Mikšys
With the help of technology, soon (hopefully) humanity will have some extra time – a life expectancy significantly longer than now. Will it feel a bit like an extensive holiday or will it be a nightmare of repetitive boredom? Will it be possible to spend this extra time on learning? If so, what would happen when the old memories fade out making room for new experiences? Will it be possible to go on learning indefinitely? How will it affect social structure? Is it possible to test life prolongation effects on human memory and social behaviour?

Darius Mikšys interview
His projects vary from a video documentation of a visit to the Parapsychology Fair at the Vilnius Sports’ Palace to the attempted production of Gilles Peterson's shroud, selling an empty bottle of perfume on e-bay, proposing an ABBA museum in Qantas plane for Tempelhof airport in Berlin, creating a body of sculptures titled "My Jeff Koons", and establishing the very first Lithuanian cricket club named "Abdul Aziz's Holiday IX"…

Darius Mikšys
Darius Mikšys’s work focuses on context-specific projects, working with the site, environment and conditions of where the project takes place. Interested in models of understanding and communication through social interaction, Mikšys will stage an event during the opening week of the Biennale…

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