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The artist Dave Hullfish Bailey
Born 1963, , USA.
Lives and works in Los Angels, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Dave Hullfish Bailey
Bailey¬ís work is a social study that refers to concepts of instability and conflict resulting from information that has been arranged and mixed up. In the video shown in the Kreuzraum, Bailey documents the work processes of grain elevators in one of the five large silos at the Alberner Hafen in Vienna. Bailey has observed that the structure of grain on both the micro and macro level is comparable to that of the individual in a group. The individual processing steps and the reactions of the grains create a fine dust through mutual friction. Mixed with air in the right proportions, this dust can trigger enormous explosions…

Dave Hullfish Bailey
For Dave Hullfish Bailey, everything springs from The Word. Not unlikely a by-product of his prior theological training, the intense scrutiny he directs at language has a tendency to bear down on a chosen noun or verb until its pops, oozing all manner of unexpected meaning…

Dave Hullfish Bailey
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Dave Hullfish Bailey
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Dave Hullfish Bailey

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