David Adamo

David Adamo | the artist

The artist David Adamo
Born 1979, Rochester, New York, USA.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Whitney Biennial, Installation art, Performance Art, Greater New York,

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David Adamo
makes collaborative projects, performances and installations have been shown in New York at The Kitchen, Swiss Institute-Contemporary Art, Andrew Kreps Gallery, Deitch Projects, Spencer Brownstone Gallery and Art in General. Internationally he has shown at Peres Projects – Athens, Zendi MoMA – Shanghai, Palais de Tokyo – Paris, Klink & Bang – Iceland, Impulstanz – Vienna and Kunstverein – Hanover…He collaborates regularly with Maria Hassabi, Michael Portnoy, The micro-explorers club, The Foreign Culture Institute and Invasionistas…

David Adamo
David Adamo’s installations often incorporate proplike objects and suggest performance acts and scenarios. Part of an untitled ongoing series, this installation comprises conventionally masculine tools—an ax, an arrow, and a knife—as well as a pair of scissors, lodged into the wall as if they were forcibly thrown in an act of violence.

David Adamo
This installation forms a constellation of diverse objects into which the artist allocates distinct degrees of power, conjuring symbols of decadence in opposition to power stripped-bare. The work can be seen as the residue of a performance as the artist’s practice has been informed extensively by his work in the worlds of dance and performance. The assemblage takes shape through the artist’s attention to movement and the body as the objects take their place within the space…

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