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The artist David Altmejd
Born 1974, , Canada.
Lives and works in London, England, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sobey Art Award, Sculpture Objects,

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david altmejd
Since the beginning of his career, Altmejd has investigated sculpture’s potential to “create energy.” In his early work, he grappled with this problem in a literal manner. Bouquet No. 4 (1997) consists of two synthetic flowers wired to motors and mounted on the wall. When activated, the blooms gyrate. Table No. 2 (1998) was similarly conceived; three women’s wigs strewn atop a table and wired to a motor vibrate as the electric current flows. Laying Out Energies (1998) comprises a table on which sit various quartz crystals mounted on small, immaculate white bases, a Walkman, two pairs of headphones, and an old-fashioned tape recorder emitting groans of pleasure and pain. ..

david altmejd
Altmejd is himself a rare bird. Six years after graduating with a master’s in fine arts from Columbia University, the Montreal artist has soared fast and far in the international art scene. After numerous high-profile shows in New York, he was picked up by the prestigious Andrea Rosen Gallery and has now landed on one of modern art’s highest branches: representing Canada at the top art show in the world…

david altmejd
David Altmejd’s sculptural works anatomically analyze and digitally disect organic forms to create hauntingly recontextualized works that evoke human form in strange new ways. In their altered states, they are at once strangely familiar and aversive. Like mythological humanimal creations such as the werewolf or Frankenstein, Altmejd’s creatures wondrously hobble to life with a magic all their own…

david altmejd
Works and biography

david altmejd
"A lot of people think that I’m really fascinated by death and morbidity, but I’m much more interested in life. I just think that things look more alive when they’re growing on top of what’s dead"

david altmejd
<p>David Altmejd’s sculptural installations draw the viewer into the interior labyrinths of the subconscious. His deceptively realistic sculptures and dramatic stage sets, evoking gothic altars, archaeological museum displays, and architectural models, give an uncanny materiality to the primal narratives they evoke…

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