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The artist David Batchelor
Born 1955, Dundee, Scotland.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Writing, Sculpture Objects,

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David Batchelor, Saatchi gallery
Through his artwork and writing, David Batchelor explores the concept of colour as a unique phenomenon: how colour’s omnipresence in everyday experience transcends function and aesthetics to create its own symbolic orders…

David Batchelor
The boxes Batchelor uses are scavenged exit signs (an objet trouve from the industrial backyards of London), each with a slick sheet of colored Perspex covering its front. The light tubes inside the boxes make the color of the Perspex jump forward into the viewer's space…

David Batchelor
David Batchelor’s work is concerned above all things with colour, a sheer delight in the myriad brilliant hues of the urban environment and underlined by a critical concern with how we see and respond to colour in this advanced technological age…

David Batchelor

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