David Noonan

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The artist David Noonan
Born 1969, Ballarat, Australia.
Lives and works in London, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Sydney Biennale, Installation art, Collage,

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David Noonan
5 sculptures each on birch ply and steel bases

David Noonan
DAVID NOONAN fuses image with image in evocative and uncanny treatments of materials, objects and figures. Noonan reworks archival photographs of people, places and events to produce an almost cinematic sense of shared time and space. His paneled sculptures, bleach paintings, collages, silk-screens, wallpapers and films intrigue and disquiet with their compelling convergence of myth and realism…

David Noonan
Beginning each of his screen prints by making a collage, David Noonan brings together an eclectic array of found imagery – sourced from film stills, books, magazines, and archive photos – to create dramatic scenes that suggest surreal narratives. These collages are then photographed and turned into large-scale screen prints, a technique remarkable for its sumptuous finish that relates to both artistic authenticity and mass media. Printed in harsh contrast black and white, Noonan’s images encapsulate the romanticism of golden age cinema, and its associations to memory, fiction, and modern mythology…

David Noonan
Magazine-scale paper collages comprised the second collection. Where the first set of works flaunted the artifice of their constructed space, here the pictures presented a more subtle and believable mise-en-scène. Noonan merely cropped existing pictures or pasted figures from one scene against the backdrop of another. This group of images depicted scenes from an experimental, quasi-religious art-therapy programme for children in Eastern Europe in the 1970s…

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