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The artist David Thorpe
Born 1972, Greenwich, London, UK.
Lives and works in London, .
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Painting,

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David Thorpe’s body of work to date considers the extent to which pictures, and more recently sculptural objects, offer pathways to new orders of experience. Thorpe considers this constructed ‘world’ of the art object as an ambiguously privileged and paranoid domain…

david thorpe, saatchi gallery
David Thorpe’s early collages exhibit all the painstaking labour of his involved process. Inspired by Victorian shadow puppets and Japanese woodcuts, Kings of the Night is deceiving in its complexity made simple. Constructed entirely from cut and pasted sheets of paper, Thorpe uses only 5 colours to create this romantic scene of lonely South London tower blocks…

david thorpe
Mark Sladen (a curator a the Barbican) talks to artist David Thorpe about his recent work Good People.

david thorpe
Biography and works

A Meeting of Friends
Thorpe’s intimately scaled images often depict dramatic, imaginary landscapes that are loosely based on representations of the American West—scenes of wilderness not experienced firsthand by Thorpe but inspired by the literary and visual accounts of others…

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