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The artist Deana Lawson
Born unknown, Rochester, New York, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Photography,

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Deana Lawson
Deana Lawson is a photo-based artist born in Rochester, NY. She received her M.F.A. in Photography from RISD in 2004. Her work focuses on the psychological, personal, political and historical experiences that are implicated through the body. Lawson is a recipient of the 2008-09 Aaron Siskind Fellowship Grant and a NYFA Grant in 2006. Publications include Time Out NY, Contact Sheet, and Photography Quarterly. Lawson's work has been exhibited widely, and she has held artist residencies at Light Work and Visual Studies Workshop. Deana currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Deana Lawson
Deana Lawson is a photo-based artist born in Rochester, New York. She received an MFA in Photography from RISD in 2004. Exhibition venues include KIT Museum, Dusseldorf…

Deana Lawson interview
photograph family, friends and strangers, and I operate on the belief that my own being is found in union with those I take pictures of. Early on, I concentrated on my family, mostly—my mom, aunts and cousins. Once I realized that my intentions extended beyond them, I began photographing strangers as well. I don’t have one method of meeting people; the concept determines the search, and often it requires just being bold enough to ask…

Deana Lawson
Her work stems from an interest in the "realness" of the family snapshot, but her large-format scale brings a certain grandeur and intensity of detail to the snapshot aesthetic, allowing the viewer a close proximity to comprehending a subject's connection to their external and internal worlds, i.e., family, home, and identity…

Deana Lawson
In "Anna" the everyday patterned couch blending with the drapes in the background is disrupted by the sequins adorning and condition of the thin, staid figure.

Deana Lawson
Through photographing, I am allowed a uniquely intimate access into the subject's world. The interchange between self and other, photographer and subject is a relationship that I attempt to cultivate during the photographic process. It is the subtle gestures betraying their embracement of, or anxiety towards the poses that I suggest that bring the images into full fruition…

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