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The artist Denmark
Pseudonym: Marc Robbroeckx
Born July 8 1950, Antwerp, Belgium.
Lives and works in Prouvy, Belgium, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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The artist Denmark uses the printed products of the
information age, including daily papers, leisure, job, beauty and
lifestyle magazines, and the mountains of books we produce, as materials
for his art. He has rendered this overwhelming flood of information and
sensory stimulation into unintelligible matter since the mid-‘70s. His
works symbolize the consequences of our waste-producing culture by
suggesting a way to deal with the ceaseless flood of information. In
making print products into art he combines traditional forms of
conservation, such as storage in preserve jars, bottles and sealed
plastic bags, compacting and freezing, with forms of disposal including
pulverization, cutting and burning.

Beatrix Ruf, Art at Ringier 1995-1998, Ringier AG, Zürich 1999, p. 40

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