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The artist Dexter Dalwood
Born 1960, Bristol, United Kingdom.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, BritArt,

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dexter dalwood
Situationist Apartment May '68'.

dexter dalwood
If there is such a thing as a collective consciousness, then Dexter Dalwood's paintings are its natural by-product. His works embody our fascination with the private environments of the rich and famous, functioning as a substitute for documentation of the secluded worlds they depict. Dalwood rightly claims to be a latter-day history painter, taking it upon himself to visualise notorious locations that have become embedded in the popular consciousness…

dexter dalwood, the saatchi gallery
In Bay of Pigs, Dexter Dalwood recreates the failed 1961 U.S. attempt to overthrow the Cuban government, a haunting tropical image somewhere between vacation brochure and Apocalypse Now. Along the bottom of the canvas, an upside-down version of Picasso's Dejeuner sur l'herbe stands in for the foreign shore: while the world is in crisis, Picasso is painting palm trees in Cannes. 19.04.61 is engraved on a nearby rock, stolen from a Picasso painting finished that very day…

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