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The artist Dianna Simms
Pseudonym: ( ArtByDianna )
Born Dec 1 1943, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.
Lives and works in Charleston, West Virginia, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Expressionism, Painting, Writing,

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Studied art at WV State, member of Allied Artists of WV, Inc. and WV Writers.  Has been exhibiting her work for over ten years in many regional juried shows.  Award winning writer.

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West Virginia Artist and Writer, Dianna Simms, is inspired by what's inside and on top of the mountains of her home state. Using color and form, she moves inside of her subjects, getting up close and personal. Her novel, "Obscene Notions" tells a story of misguided loyalities.

artist, dianna simms
"I have been a member of Allied Artists of West Virginia, Inc. for ten years, and served as president for two of those years. After studying art at West Virginia State college, I began entering regional competitions and have been accepted into many throughout the years, including the West Virginia Cultural Center, the Huntington Museum, Ashland Area Art Galley, French Art Colony (in Ohio), West Virginia Watercolor Society, Three Rivers (in Pittsburgh) and the Dairy Barn (in Ohio), just to mention a few. My awards include many first and second place prizes at the Rhododendron Art show (an annual event in Charleston, West Virginia), the Mound Show (another annual event) and several honorable mentions at the French Art Colony and the Ashland Area Art Colony."

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