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The artist Diller and Scofidio
Pseudonym: & Renfro
Born Diller: 1954, , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Installation art, Video,

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Elisabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio, Charles Renfro

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diller and scofidio & Renfro
Diller + Scofidio is a collaborative, interdisciplinary studio that combines architecture, the visual and the performing arts and is primarily involved in experimental work that takes the form temporary and permanent site-specific installations, multi-media theater, electronic media, and print, as well as architectural commissions…

diller and scofidio & Renfro
Dia center.

diller and scofidio & Renfro
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diller and scofidio & Renfro
When Elizabeth Diller – Liz to those who know her – starts telling me I'm sitting in the wrong place in her building, I'm taken aback…

diller and scofidio & Renfro
the blur building

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