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The artist Dona Nelson
Born …, Grand Island, Nebraska, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Dona Nelson
I love studio practice—working at night especially. Some of my paintings are night paintings and some are day paintings. Formerly, I destroyed paintings if they didn’t suit me. I seldom do that anymore. It is more interesting to give the painting time to assert itself. The important thing in painting isn’t how much time it takes to make the painting, but the painting’s quality of timing. Both scale and timing are fugitive aspects of abstract painting that can’t be taught, or even talked about…

Dona Nelson
Nelson’s processes—the pouring, scraping, washing, dripping and veiling—joins the transcendental with the visceral, the public face with the private body, the pure with the slapstick. She has said that she likes “the activity of painting under pressure.” To look at her pictures, the pressure of the studio is evident. One can almost chart its trajectory: the promise of conception, the pleasure of action, the frustration, the blind alley, the boredom and finally the satisfaction of a speedy resolution…

Dona Nelson interview
I work with materials till the image floats up to the surface; then the shape and materials are almost equal in their presence. I like it when the painting can’t contain the image—when the image busts out, when it is “too”: too big, too much of one color, etc. I’m not interested in depiction or representation but in the paintings which are about the feelings evoked by certain kinds of images, and the images are entwined in my mind with colors, shapes…

Dona Nelson
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