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The artist Doug and Mike Starn
Born 1961, New Jersey, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Photography,

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Since 1994 the twin brothers, Doug and Mike Starn’s (1961), art work has referred to light and the sun. They have examined the symbolism of the sun in various different times and cultures, for humanity has always been at the mercy of it.

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Manipulations of technique and form mark Mike and Doug Starn’s photo-based mixed-media art. Double Rembrandt with Steps is one of their variations on a Rembrandt portrait presumably of the painter’s father. In concept and materials – plywood, nails, transparency film, plexiglass, and wood molding – this piece refers to the Starns’ own father, a man interested in architecture and woodworking, as well as to their status as twins…

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