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The artist Dzine
Pseudonym: Carlos Rolon
Born , Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Lives and works in Chicago, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Figuration-Libre-Graffiti, Painting,

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family from Salinas, Puerto Rico

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Chicago-based artist Dzine (born Carlos Rolon) is a painter and the owner of an experimental record label that works with world renowned DJs and producers such as DJ Cam, Gotan Project, and Guidance Recordings. Straddling the very thin boundary between art and music, Dzine creates abstract, biological, morphing forms that vibrate with intense color. In a series of new paintings, Dzine explores visualizing energy to unleash a unique rhythm and lyricism. Dzine applies a layer of Envirotex (a thick, clear plastic coating) to complete his slick, abstract paintings…

Two graffiti works

American painter Dzine was virtually unknown in Japan until he created a splash with his first major solo exhibition here two years ago. His exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka were a big hit, and keen interest from young art collectors led to his works being sold out at both venues…

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