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The artist Eadweard Muybridge
Born Apr 9 1830, Kingston-on-Thames, England.
Died May 8 1904, Kingston-on-Thames, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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-Edward James Muggeridge-

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eadweard muybridge
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eadweard muybridge
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eadweard muybridge
Muybridge was born in Britain as Edward James Muggeridge, but lived for many years in the USA as Eadweard Muybridge. He was the first photographer to capture the movement of people and animals in photo sequences. In the 1870s he began taking pictures of galloping horses. He experimented with a special shutter and an arrangement of 12 or 24 cameras in a row. Muybridge developed a method to project photographs onto a screen as ‘moving pictures’.

eadweard muybridge
Born Edward James Muggeridge 9 April 1830 in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.To California 1850. Returned to California from several years in England as photographerin 1867. Changedname, became landscape photographer until ca. 1877. Experiments in motion begun 1870*s. 1875-1877 in Panama & Guatemala after killing wife*s lover. 1880*s to University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Worked with Eakins on motion studies. Retired to England 1889. Died 8 May 1904 in Kingston.

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