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The artist Edith Dekyndt
Born 1960, Ieper, Belgium.
Lives and works in Belgium, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Edith Dekynt
Using texts, films and photography, Edith Dekyndt questions the individual and global position of individuals within society on the basis of simple, everyday experiences. For this video, Dekyndt brought together images of all the flags she could find of nations worldwide, including the states the United Nations do not recognize, like Tibet, the states of the former USSR and nomadic peoples…

Edith Dekynt
The taste of the apple … lies in the contact of the fruit with the palate. Not in the fruit itself; in a similar way … poetry lies in the meeting of the poem and reader, not in the lines of the symbols printed on the pages of a book. What is essential is the aesthetic act, the thrill, the almost physical emotion that comes with each reading…

Edith Dekynt
Edith Dekyndt comes from Wallonie-Bruxelles. All of her work focuses on the perception and observation of events that are barely visible and at the limits of our perception…

Edith Dekynt
The work of Edith Dekynt deals more than anything else with the aesthetic act. Her research into phenomena is a search for a truth that exists in the invisible or nearly visible. In this way she approaches the infinite, absolute, and unreachable.[cold, dust, humidity, static electricity]. The invisible or nearly visible has a profound and mutable beauty that she seeks to uphold and make the viewer aware of…

Edith Dekynt
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