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The artist Edward Kienholz
Born Oct 23 1927, Fairfield, Washington, USA.
Died June 10 1994, Sandport, Idaho, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Funk Art, Sculpture Objects, Pop Art, Assemblage,

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edward kienholz
He has been labeled a "raging satirist." For those of us who are sympathetic to his values he was keenly and simply to the point. While he is most often historically linked to Surrealism, German Dada, Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell, there are clear points of departure. While Duchamp chose new store-bought materials for his readymades, Kienholz wanted to retain human memory in discards such as photographs, torn bits of fabric, or worn furniture that he scavenged for use in sculptures, tableaux and environments. Cornell's boxes are subtle delicate, whereas Kienholz' assemblages shock the viewer's awareness. In terms of content, the tradition of Goya's and Daumier's theme of man's inhumanity to man seems most to the point…

edward kienholz
A Concept Tableau had three parts. The first part consisted of a metal plaque inscribed with the title, date of conception, and artist's name; a framed description of the finished tableau; and a contract defining the option to buy the work in two additional parts. The second part was a drawing of the project, and the third part was the environment or installation itself…

edward kienholz

edward kienholz
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edward kienholz
Holdin' the Dog

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