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The artist Ellsworth Kelly
Born 1923, Newburgh, NY, USA.
Lives and works in Spencertown, NY, U.S.A, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Post Painterly Abstraction, Hard-Edge, Praemium Imperiale Award, Venice Biennale, Documenta Kassel, Geometric abstraction,

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Much like Henri Matisse, Ellsworth Kelly is a painter whose three-dimensional work has come to be recognized as vital to the evolution of twentieth-century sculpture. After initial studies at Pratt Institute in New York and the Boston Museum School, as well as a period of service during World War II, Kelly arrived in Paris in 1948, one of the last American artists of the postwar generation to seek inspiration and instruction in what was still the acknowledged capital of the art world…

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ellsworth kelly
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ellsworth kelly
The form of my painting is the content. My work is made of single or multiple panels: rectangle, curved or square. I am less interested in marks on the panels than the "presence" of the panels themselves. In "Red, Yellow, Blue," the square panels present color. It was made to exist forever in the present, it is an idea and can be repeated anytime in the future. Ellsworth Kelly, 1969

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