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The artist Els Opsomer
Born 1968, Ghent, Belgium.
Lives and works in Brussels, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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Els Opsomer
"I start from the duality of feeling at home. In Belgium, the countryside is no longer rural, as we know it from other European areas. It is at the same time extremely distant en yet very close to the busy excitement of a capitalist world. Often this results in a conflict between oneself and one’s background. Like the feeling of always waking up in a hotelroom in a strange metropolis. You recognize the signs (a hotel, a bed, a bathroom, a receptiondesk, and outside you hear the constant murmur of the city. An unrecognizable chaos that you don’t know how to handle. It sends us off into the great unknown with a certain melancholy. I will consider Waregem with this duality in mind. Waregem, the story of my friend Anne de Frenne, en the story that unfolds around her. A story of neverending travels."

Els Opsomer
TIME SUSPENDED [Uitgestelde Tijd]

Els Opsomer
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Els Opsomer
Herman Asselberghs – Els Opsomer – Rony Vissers , Mondophrenetic

Els Opsomer
Els Opsomer was born in 1968. She lives and works in Brussels. She has been artist-in-residence at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Videoartist, she has also collaborated to the realization of multimedia installations with Johan Grimonprez, Herman Asselberghs and Ronny Vissers…

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