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The artist Emily Kngwarreye
Born 1910, Alhalkere, Soakage Bore, Australia.
Died Sept 2 1996, , Australia.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Traditional Aboriginal Art,

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ainter of the Eastern Anmatyere.

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emily kngwarreye
"Whole lot, that's all, whole lot. Awelye (my dreaming), Arlatyeye (pencil yam), Arkerthe (mountain devil lizard), Ntange (grass seed), Tingu (dingo puppy), Ankerre (emu), Intekwe (small plant, favourite food of emus), Atnwerle (green bean), and Kame (yam seed). That's what I paint, whole lot."

emily kngwarreye
Kngwarreye's prominence is no overnight sensation; it finds its roots in a lifetime of ritual and artistic activity. Her energetic paintings are a response to the land of her birth, Alhalkere, north of Alice Springs – the contours of the landscape, the cycles of seasons, the parched land, the flow of flooding waters and sweeping rains, the patterns of seeds and the shape of plants, and the spiritual forces which imbue the country…

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emily kame kngwarreye
Earth's Creation 1996

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