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Emmy Hennings | the artist

The artist Emmy Hennings
Born Jan 17 1885, Flensburg, Germany.
Died Aug 10 1948, Sorengo-Lugano, Switzerland.
Style and technique of the artist: Writing, Dada, Performance Art,

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dancer, by emmy hennings
<p>To you it’s as if I was already<br><br />
Marked and waiting on Death’s list.<br><br />
It keeps me safe from many sins.<br><br />
How slowly life drains out of me.<br><br />
My steps are often steeped in gloom,<br><br />
My heart beats in a sickly way<br><br />
And it gets weaker every day.<br><br />
A death angel stands in the middle of my room.<br><br />
Yet I dance till I’m out of breath.<br><br />
Soon lying in the grave I’ll be<br><br />
And no one will snuggle up to me.<br><br />
Oh, give me kisses until death.</p>

emmy hennings
In the case of Hennings, this emphasis is reversed. Hennings was a ribald character, by all accounts, who occasionally resorted to prostitution to support herself and her partner Hugo Ball, and her performative contributions to Cabaret Voltaire have consequently been viewed through a moralising lens in the memoirs of her peers…

emmy hennings
Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings

emmy hennings
Visionary Portrait – Emmy Hennings

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