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The artist Enrico Donati
Born February 19 1909, Milan, Italy.
Died April 25, 2008, Mnahattan, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Surrealism,

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Magma bianco

enrico donati
There is a museum in Milan . . . there is a Natural History Museum, not in the park but in the gardens of Milan near the Cosa Venezia and I used to visit it. There were a few examples there, but just examples, maybe 3 or 4 pieces of Indian art and masks and objects and maybe one or two Eskimo objects. Then I went to Paris and in the Trocadero—in the Musee de Trocadero—there was a larger collection of the same things. I was mostly interested in the idea behind the objects; why they made these masks and these cachina dolls; what they were used for…ome artists have the good fortune to appear at exactly the right time and place. One mid-century beneficiary of this fortuitous conjunction of talent and timing was a young and exceptionally gifted Italian artist who had moved from Paris to New York in 1940. Thoroughly trained in traditional painting methods and fully aware of the latest developments in avant-garde European art, Enrico Donati (b. 1909), nevertheless, was completely unknown to the art world at large. That would soon change, however.

enrico donati
Priest, Moonscape Series

enrico donati

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