Enrique Metinides

Enrique Metinides | the artist

The artist Enrique Metinides
Born Febr 12 1934, Mexico City, Mexico.
Lives and works in Mexico City, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Enrique Metinides
Metinides' lifelong focus has been with the imagery of disaster and destruction, whether as the result of bad luck, human violence, or divine retribution. His subjects, all witnessed in or around his native Mexico City, include infernos, floods, aeroplane crashes, car crashes, train crashes, bus crashes, murders, accidents and suicides…

Since 1948, Enrique Metinides has chased death and disaster as a Mexican photojournalist. Recently “discovered” by the art world, the 72-year-old makes his NYC debut with a remarkable body of work that positions him as the heir apparent to Weegee…

Enrique Metinides

Enrique Metinides
Murder, suicide, earthquake, arson, car smash… Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides found humanity in catastrophe, says Adrian Searle

Enrique Metinides

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