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The artist Enzo Cucchi
Born Nov 14 1949, Morro d'Alba, Italy.
Lives and works in Ancona and Rome, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Painting, Neo-Expressionism,

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enzo cucchi
Present above all in the art of Enzo Cucchi (Morro d'Alba-Ancona, Italy, 1949) is the region of the Marches, where he was born…

enzo cucchi

enzo cucchi
Enzo Cucchi was born November 19, 1949 in Morro d'Alba, a farm village in the province of Ancona on the Adriatic coast in central Italy. During his childhood, he moved to Ancona, the provincial capital, where he lived with his aunt.<br />He started drawing in 1970s. In 1977 he presented a one-man show and in the next decade he has been given one-man shows by many of the world's museums, including the Guggenheim museum in New York and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. At present Enzo Cucchi lives and works in Ancona and Rome. Both cities are places he has chosen as sources of inspiration and subjects for his work.

enzo cucchi
Montagne miracolate

enzo cucchi
n Senza Titolo (1985/86), Enzo Cucchi, whose artistic practice stands in the tradition of Pintura Metafisica, seeks possibilities for the creation of a unity between the world and the individual…

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