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The artist Eran Schaerf
Born 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Lives and works in Brussel Belgium & Berlin Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, skulptur projekte munster,

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eran schaerf
<p>The artist, who has lived for twenty years in Germany, creates a central<br />
installation of the exhibition. In a site-specifically developed setting, he<br />
re-combines earlier works, in which he deals with the history and present of<br />

eran schaerf

eran schaerf
By projecting moving slides of various reenactments and other mediated performances across the exhibition space, turning two-dimensional representations into three-dimensional experience, Eran Schaerf mimics the reenactorÂ’s emphasis on experience and immersion while also maintaining a sense of distance…

eran schaerf
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eran schaerf
Wie gesagt – Theater – oder Taxistück / Zoals gezegd . Theater- of Taxistuk

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