Eric Bainbridge

Eric Bainbridge | the artist

The artist Eric Bainbridge
Born 1955, , UK.
Lives and works in Hartlepool, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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northern art prize
My neck cricked, I realize I have spent the first five minutes of my visit to the exhibition looking up. Bainbridge is an artist whose work asks for engagement not just with the eye but with the whole body. Many pieces invite touching (specifically, stroking or squeezing), sitting or being picked up; others warn us away with the precarious balancing acts they perform…

Eric Bainbridge
Sculptures and biography

Eric Bainbridge
Described by the artist as ‘bad drawing’, these works on paper are a deliberate attempt to create something unacceptable. Some works depict found objects, and some are sculptural drawings representing objects the artist might make. Others are entirely invented. Considered as a group, the works display an inquisitiveness into the formal properties of drawing, both its process and medium. Made using brown crayon, Bainbridge’s choice of medium relates to his sculptures at the time, particularly the extensive use of chipboard, melamine and other brown toned materials dragged from skips and the street. The use of prosaic, discarded materials is integral to artist’s aesthetic. For Bainbridge, drawing allows the freedom to ‘debase reality’…

Eric Bainbridge
Examples of the sculptural work

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