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The artist Erick Beltran
Born 1974, Mexico City, Mexico.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Site specific art, Installation art, Printmakers, Conceptual Art, Sao Paulo Biennale,

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Thumbs that spin yarns
n 2003 Erick Beltran produced a flick book entitled Running man. Flicking through the pages you see a man running from left to right, but if you view the images one at a time, that single man dissolves into hundreds of men and women of different ages, occupations and ethnic backgrounds, from a dizzying mix of countries and centuries…

Erick Beltrán
Erick Beltrán: A new piece called The World Explained, which is an encyclopedia of nonspecialized knowledge. It is a collection of maps, diagrams and descriptions of explanations of how the world functions according to the opinions of nonexperts. I believe there is a universal need to create links between ideas; our behavior depends on personal structures that ultimately explain the world, so when we are faced with lack of information to accomplish it, we force and distort this material to feel coherent…

Erick Beltrán and Jorge Satorre
Modelling Standard takes as a point of departure the radical historiographic approach introduced by Carlo Ginzburg in the 1970s. His methodology focused on localised, popular and disregarded micro-histories rather than universal, over-arching versions. The title of the exhibition further enphasises these ideas by referencing the scientific concept of the Standard Model, used in physics to explain the almost invisible interactions occurring between subatomic particles…

Erick Beltrán
Mexico City/Printed Matter’, Erick Beltrán contextualizes the other works in the exhibition Coartadas/Alibis. He commissioned a colleague to collect all the printed materials he could find in Mexican City during the course of one day: April 4th. The resulting collection will be shown in the exhibition…

Erick Beltrán
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