Erik Gunnar Asplund

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The artist Erik Gunnar Asplund
Born Sept 22 1885, Stockholm, Sweden.
Died 1940, Stockholm, .
Style and technique of the artist: Architecture,

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erik gunnar asplund
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erik gunnar asplund
Modernism and cultural identity

erik gunnar asplund
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erik gunnar asplund
Erik Gunnar Asplund is regarded as the most important 20th-century Swedish architect. He started off by studying painting at the Stockholm Royal Art Institute 1905-1909. At the same time, however, he had always been interested in architecture so he also attended the free Architecture School in Stockholm. After extensive travels in Greece and Italy, Erik Gunnar Asplund opened an architectural pracice in Stockholm…

erik gunnar asplund
The works of years 1911 – 1930 are permeated by neo-classical language, the so called "modern classicism", based upon a free integration between classic and vernacular themes. 1930 is the year of the Stockholm Exhibition, the year of his transition from a highly personal, free and eclectic experience to the Modern Movement, personally interpreted…

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