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The artist Ernst Neizvestny
Born April 9 1925, Sverdlovsk, Ural Mountains, Russia.
Lives and works in New York City, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Printmakers, Soviet Nonconformism,

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Ernst Neizvestny
"I think of sculpture not as a person, animal or other natural or geometrical form situated in space: the sculpture contains within itself a dialogue between spirit and flesh."

Ernst Neizvestny
In 1996, Neizvestny completed his Mask of Sorrow, a 15-meter tall monument to the victims of Soviet purges, situated in Magadan. The same year, he was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation. Although he still lives in New York City and works at Columbia University, Neizvestny frequently visits Moscow and celebrated his 80th birthday there. A museum dedicated to his sculptures was established in Uttersberg, Sweden. Some of his crucifixion statues were acquired by John Paul II for the Vatican Museums. In 2004 Neizvestny became an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts. . He currently lives and works in New York City…

Ernst Neizvestny drawings
In 1955, Neizvestny joined the art studio of Eli Belyutin where he worked closely with Vladimir Yankilevsky. In this time period, he participated in many Moscow exhibitions including the International Exhibition of Young Artists in 1957. He received his first solo exhibition in 1961 at the International Friendship House in Moscow. In 1962, he participated in the Thirty Years of Moscow Art exhibition. It was during this show that Neizvestny had his now world–famous, personal encounter with an angry Nikita Krushchev…

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