Eteri Chkadua

Eteri Chkadua | the artist

The artist Eteri Chkadua
Born , , Georgia.
Lives and works in USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Eteri Chkadua
A native of the Georgian Republic, Chkadua started out as an abstract painter. "Classical art was not very fashionable," she told me. Then, "just for fun," she began working in a Flemish-inspired figurative style…

Eteri Chkadua
Eteri Chkadua’s classical techniques and ongoing exploration of the human condition have long inspired comparisons with 16th century Flemish painting. But although her new paintings continue to demonstrate Chkadua’s impeccable style, their intimate portrayal of the diverse temperaments of individual women mark a departure from the Breughel-esque tableaux of her past work…

Eteri Chkadua
The most compelling is Eteri Chkadua, who grew up in Soviet Georgia and now lives in the United States. With a traditionally trained hand, Ms. Chkadua paints medium-large Magic Realist images of women who resemble herself…

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