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The artist Eva Grubinger
Born 1970, Salzburg, Austria.
Lives and works in Berlin and Vienna, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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Eva Grubinger
Reticent, abstract, shiny black, elegant and gloomy, Grubinger‘s sculptural post-minimalist installation ‘Echo’ (2006) seems to invite such reflections and shadowy thoughts. Produced for a twelve month sojourn in the head office of the BDI – The Federation of German Industries – the sculpture literally echoes its surroundings, even while asserting a sort of retro-Modern autonomy or independence. Restating and rebounding off the uniformity of the bland corporate interior, it apes the difficult space‘s hard-edged interlocking planes, and exaggerates the sealed-off, aloof atmosphere of security and control it was designed to convey…

Eva Grubinger

Dark Matter, 2003

The often expansive installations of Eva Grubinger, born in Salzburg in 1970 and a resident of Berlin since 1989, treat power and impotence and the role of the observer. Her most recent installations are formal abstractions of complex forms of social communication. One example of this is Dark Matter: an enormous headset lying on the floor, out of whose earpieces a diffuse electronic sound forces its way; next to it, shrunk to human scale, are a nuclear reactor, a cooling tower, a office high-rise, and a control tower…

Eva Grubinger
Via the Internet, users of ‘Netzbikini' can acquire patterns for bikinis that they can then make themselves. First they must download a pattern in their size (small, medium and large are available), then print it out and piece it together…

Eva Grubinger

Eva Grubinger
Computer Aided Curating' revisited: [email protected] (1993-95) was a prototype program for the production, presentation, documentation, discussion and distribution of art on the Web. Designed by artist Eva Grubinger in collaboration with the software developer Thomas Kaulmann and supported by Kunst-Werke Berlin, [email protected] explored the possibilities of this then, new sphere for the traditional link between art and the public…

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