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The artist Eva Kotakova
Born 1982, Prague, Czech Republic.
Lives and works in Prague, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sydney Biennale, Photography,

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Eva Kotátková (born 1982 in Prague) studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, Prague Academy of Applied Arts, San Francisco Art Institute and Akademie Bildende Kunst Wien from 2002-2007. In 2007 – at the age of 25 – she became the youngest artist ever to be awarded the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for young artists in the Czech Republic.

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Artist statement
18th Biennale of Sydney participant Eva Kot’áková.

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The starting point of Eva Kot’áková´s work is her nearest environment, the basic -naturally- structured communities like household, family or school with their mechanisms, rituals and schemes of mutual dependencies.

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