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The artist Fernando Melani
Born 1907, San Piero Agliana, Italy.
Died 1985, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Writing,

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fernando melani
I think of art as a means and not as an end, as a means for pinning down the universe’s construction as I receive it from experimental physics and this alone. My own testing ground, I experiment with this. I would like the descriptions of the subtle invisible originating, impalpable energy to reach the opaque space deep within me, well beyond the so-called unconscious, to make it RESONANT…

fernando melani
<p>Fernando Melani’s small monochrome paintings, metal reliefs and wire sculptures are alternately rigorous and whimsical, modest and grandiose. Either way, they are almost completely unknown in America. This is a fate entirely undeserved by these often beautiful, always exuberant little objects, which continually transform the simplest of materials into an intimate form of visual poetry…<br />

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