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The artist Fikret Atay
Born 1976, Batman, Turkey.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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fikret atay
Fikret Atay primarily works with video, in which his narrative style and manner of filming is comparable to amateur films, something that gives a sense of authenticity and presence to the works.

Fikret Atay makes videos that offer short vignettes of life in Batman, a Kurdish city near the border between Turkey and Iraq. Using a hand-held camera and natural lighting, Atay films young local residents as they perform traditional dances, assemble makeshift drumkits, and play war games…

fikret atay

fikret atay
Kids are playing war between two trains in the railway station of Batman, a medium size city in Eastern Turkey, close to the Iraqi border. The camera employs a disturbing handheld style of filming. This makes the boysÂ’ innocent game reminiscent of news reportage footage from war zones. In this area, important petrol resources are exploited. Petrol, collected by anonymous foreign companies, is contained in tank wagons in the station of Batman, before being transported by train to the harbour of Adana, from where it leaves the country. The region gets no benefit from the local petrol resources.

fikret atay
Rebels of the Dance

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