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The artist Fiona Tan
Born 1966, Pekan Baru, Indonesia.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Venice Biennale,

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The commissioner of the Dutch presentation in Venice Saskia Bos (Dean of the Cooper Union’s School of Art) chose FIONA TAN to represent the Netherlands. Tan’s new audio-visual installation “Disorient” was especially conceived for the Dutch entry. Her project, which refers to Venice’s pivotal position in the history of geostrategy before the city’s power diminished, attempts to bridge the centuries by creating connections with both contemporary day-to-day reality and the symbolic past that every Venice visitor wants to grasp

fiona tan
Tan¬ís films, photographs, and audiovisual installations almost always focus on images of people. In Correction (2005), she portrayed prisoners and guards in various American prisons, and Countenance (2002) consisted of four video projections portraying all manner of people in Berlin. For Vox Populi, Tan travelled to Norway, Tokyo and Sydney, among other locations, in search of pictures from personal photo albums, which she then included in various publications…

fiona tan
Home country and place of living are an important factor in the work of the artist: Indonesia as the former colony of holland and Amsterdam as the capital of the colonial empire…

fiona tan
Works and biography

fiona tan
Fiona Tan is celebrated for her film and video installations which explore the nature of archives and the truth claims of ethnography, and which also reflect on the nature of place and time…

fiona tan
Rain, 2001, video installation (still)

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