Francesco Cangiullo

Francesco Cangiullo | the artist

The artist Francesco Cangiullo
Born Jan 27 1884, Napoli, Italy.
Died July 22 1976, Leghorn, .
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Futurism, Writing, Painting,

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Parolalibera is a painting by an artist who saw the future as a great novelty to be discovered: Francesco Cangiullo. In 1930 he published “The Futurist evenings” followed by many other works of fiction and poetry witnessing the beginning of the season of memories.

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Francesco Cangiullo

Francesco Cangiullo
Francesco Cangiullo, in a complex pun, animated letters into students climbing the steps of the Faculty of Letters, the stairs becoming the classical stairs of learning, the gradus ad Parnassum…

Francesco Cangiullo
In his best-known work, drawn in 1915 but published four years later, Cangiullo whimsically depicts a lively evening at the variety theater in his hometown of Naples in which the dancers, singers, acrobats, and comedians are composed of letters, numbers, and mathematical signs. This lyrical narrative, a pictorial interpretation of Marinetti’s words-in-freedom is reproduced on the screens above…

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