Franco Mondini-Ruiz

Franco Mondini-Ruiz | the artist

The artist Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Born June 2, 1961, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Get ready for a mad assortment of plastic toys and fancy papers, plastic cup spheres and twinkling lights.

Interview with Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Recuerdos Orales: Interviews of the Latino Art Community in Texas

High Pink
Stepping into Franco Mondini-Ruiz’s world, one would have to be very, very careful not to trip over his porcelain figurine collection. The Tejano artist creates intricate vignettes composed of a vast array of found objects and knickknacks such as costume jewelry, plastic cakes and treats, used ice-cream cups, miniature ceramic figurines, cigarette butts and much, much more…

Trophies and More
Franco Mondini Ruiz creates installation art in a style called “Infinito Botanica”, a concept which juxtaposes high art with low art. For the AT&T Center display cases, Mondini Ruiz has created what he describes as “a dizzying, colorful, and entertaining display and spectacle reflecting the city’s world-famous exuberance and ethnic diversity” combined with a little splash of Donald Judd’s minimalism. ..

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