Frank Johnston

Frank Johnston | the artist

The artist Frank Johnston
Pseudonym: Francis Hans Johnston
Born June 19 1888, Toronto, Canada.
Died July 19 1949, Toronto, .
Style and technique of the artist: Group of Seven,

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photograph courtesy of E. P. Taylor Reference Library and Archives, Art Gallery of Ontario.

In 1927, the artist changed his name to Franz Johnston.

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Frank Johnston
Works in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada

Frank Johnston
Frank Johnston was the only member of the Group who did not retain his membership throughout the years the Group existed…

Franz Johnston
A man of staggering energy and enthusiasm, he also had an amazing rate of production. In the 1919 Algoma show, he contributed sixty works – more than any other artist. A few months later, he extended his independence even more, having a large one-man show of 200 paintings at the T. Eaton Company Galleries.

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