Fred Cress

Fred Cress | the artist

The artist Fred Cress
Born 1938, Poona, India.
Lives and works in Sydney Australia and France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Archibald Prize, Painting,

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Fred Cress
Fred Cress was born in India, studied in Birmingham and arrived in Australia in 1962. He began as a figurative artist then switched to abstract work in the late 1960s, only returning to figurative work in 1988 when he won the Archibald Prize…

Fred Cress
"After two decades as Australia's foremost abstractionist, Cress is now a committed realist, producing works of great power and presence which cover the gamut of human emotions and weaknesses: love, hate, lust, envy and greed. But he also paints works of great beauty and serenity, lyrical landscapes and architectural studies which are the stage for his human dramas…"

Fred Cress
Biography and selected works

Fred Cress
"Business is widely considered to be the current religion of our society.With the promise of wealth, power and influence as “the carrot,” people scramble and fight to get to the top and the resultant toll on their humanity can be enormous."

Fred Cress

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