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The artist Gabriel Orozco
Born 1962, Jalapa Veracruz, Mexico.
Lives and works in Mexico and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Relational art, Postminimalism, Documenta Kassel,

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gabriel orozco
Sand on table

gabriel orozco
Gabriel Orozco creates lyrical works in sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, and video—mediums as diverse as the issues that Orozco’s art engenders and explores: how the random and mundane create meaning, the construction of space and time, the mutability of forms. Many of his sculptures are made from found objects, like a deflated soccer ball, a chess board and game pieces, and a trisected and reassembled Citroen automobile…

gabriel orozco
Bianal Sao Paulo

gabriel orozco
Black Kites

gabriel orozco
Gabriel Orozcos Film »From Manos con Maiz to Calzón Con Bicho« entstand an der mexikanischen Küste im Chacahua Nationalpark. Die unberührte Strandlandschaft und das einfache Leben der Menschen werden kontrastiert mit Bauarbeiten, die am Meer stattfinden und massive Eingriffe in das Landschaftsbild mit sich bringen…

gabriel orozco
Gabriel Orozco poetically addresses our relationship to common objects, creating a metaphor for our contemporary condition of transience through both time and place. His appropriation and subsequent alteration of familiar objects such as a ping pong table, an airplane ticket, or a denomination of currency require the viewer to re-examine everyday interactions and see these objects as symbols of our social exchanges and geographical mobility…

gabriel orozco
He considers philosophical problems, such as the concept of infinity, and evokes them in humble moments, as in the photograph “Pinched Ball,” which depicts a deflated soccer ball filled with water. Matching his passion for political engagement with the poetry of chance encounters, Orozco’s photographs, sculptures, and installations propose a distinctive model for the ways in which artists can affect the world with their work. Orozco was featured at Documenta XI (2002), where his sensuous terra-cotta works explored the elegance and logic of traditional ceramics—a pointed commentary on Mexican craft and its place in a ‘high art’ gallery space…

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