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The artist Gautam Narang
Born 1984, London, UK.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

Gautam Narangartworks on eBay
Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

My photography has been published in over 30+ magazine and website to
name a few (British Journal of Photography, Canon EOS Magazine, 
Adbuster, The European Magazine.
  aesthetica, JPG magazine,Medium Magazine and many other great

Not only has my work been exhibited in many great magazines it has
traveled the world, exhibiting in India, London, Germany & America.
How I would describe my work is that it’s a colorful and unusual
interpretation of the world, Steve McCurry is the photographer that
inspired me to pick up the camera.

By constantly taking pictures and sending my work out, my work has
received an awards from MTV, Fujiflm & Canon

Biography and art, auction, artworks, interview, statement, website:
My homepage
My own personal homage page where you can find photographs of distant
places, abstract work, fine art work, objects even maybe find some
faith.<br />
You can also find my contact details via the website.

Gautam Narang
Kuran, 2005

What is photography? What is art? What is the point of it?

Gautam Narang
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